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A wide range of excellent holistic therapies are available ranging from Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage, Homepathy, Hypnotherapy and Osteopathy. If you can't see what you want on our therapies page call us, we are here to help you.


Thirty or more years ago I was involved in a serious car accident which left me with both physical and mental challenges as a result. For the first year following my accident I would not sit in the front of a car if someone else was driving. Over the years I have been able to sit as a front seat passenger but I was very anxious and not a great companion. I would often be putting my foot down as though to brake, clutching the door arm and often giving too much advice or direction to the poor driver!I recently met Andrew and thought I would take the opportunity to see if he could help me become a better front seat passenger. I attended a couple of sessions with Andrew and listened to his relaxation cd at night. Even in the first week I began to feel calmer.I can now say 2-3 months later I feel much better, more relaxed, comfortable and happier.My partner has said he has noticed a massive improvement in me as a front seat passenger since Andrew has helped me.Thank you Andrew I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has not tried Hypnotherapy for anxiety or fear related issues and can commend you for your very professional approach and compassion!

- Karen Hobday

gemma storey

Wow! I had the most amazing reiki experience done by Victoria.I have never had reiki done before (it was always on my bucket list to try) and if I'm honest, I was low key hesitant that it would work or if I would feel any different - boy, was I wrong!Firstly, Victoria gave me the the warmest welcome inside her cosy treatment room nestled inside the The Surrey And Hampshire Well Being Clinic surrounded by beautiful scenery of nature. The room smelt divine and Victoria made sure I was comfortable with blankets and cushions etc.When Victoria started the treatment I started to go into a deep state of relaxation, it's very hard to explain but it's like your mind drifts off and you start to see soothing colours and occasionally I would feel tingles of heat on the area of the body she worked on.However, what really "spooked" me was when Victoria was working on my ankles I felt a huge jolt of energy enter the pit of my stomach, it was so powerful it shook my body to the point where I thought Victoria had firmly touched my stomach - but she was no where near it, she had her hands on my ankles. Seconds after that happened I felt incredibly emotional and a hot flurry of heat was swirling around in my stomach for a few minutes and eventually calmed down to a mild tingle - I know I sound crazy and very woo-woo but this really did happened, and I'm still shook up from it now.Also, what was also "weird" was the location of where I felt this ball of energy, as prior to treatment I told Victoria I suffer with PCOS and looking to start a family - and disclosed all the issues I've had trying to conceive whilst having PCOS as it's a hormonal imbalance. It was like the energy knew where I needed healing.Shortly, after my treatment ended Victoria kindly tapped me to let me know that during my reiki treatment my guardian angel visited her - which apparently is not a common thing. At that moment, I knew I had to sit up and tell her what I did an hour or so before I came to my appointment. I sat up and took a deep breath and told Victoria that before I came here I sat on the edge of my bed at home and said aloud .. "If I have a Guardian Angel, please can you show me a sign tonight when I go for Reiki" .. and omg, the sheer emotion that came over me, it felt so magical to have that divine confirmation that angels exist. It was a beautiful moment, I will never forget and as cheesy as it sounds I walked away feeling completely enlightened and different. Victoria went on to tell me I have a male angel with gorgeous wings and glowing white energy with a good sense of humour - he would need it, being assigned to me haha!I am a firm believer now and have no hesitations that Reiki really works and Angels exist.I would HIGHLY recommend Victoria!

- Gemma Storey

vicky page

I recently had a fabulous acupuncture session with Kyla which gave me a great feeling of immense peace and stillness. Rather than 'treating' me for an on-going problem I was assessed for how I was on the day. As things were busy for me and I had a very 'busy head' the session was about calming, slowing down and also 'cooling the body' (hot flushes!) - calming the stressness of doing! Not only did I experience a great mental peace and physical rest, when I left I had more grace about my presence and put the thinking of my immediate priorities to one side accepting what needed to be done would be done in time. An additional benefit was that through discussion at the consultation Kyla encouraged me to do something specific that would help my work and take some pressure away which I implemented immediately, that little prompt made me action something I'd been putting off. Accountability does help sometimes! So a treatment with Kyla is so much more than what happens on the couch. Thank you Kyla so much for a great treatment, it's something I'll definitely book again and I loved working with you.

- Vicky Page

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We deliver talks to schools and in the work place about the importance of mindfulness and how to manage stress. Our package can include a range of therapies, educational talks, active learning, and continued support. If you know what you want or need for your business then we can arrange that for you or if you would like advice we can offer you a guided option at no extra cost where one of our health and wellbeing experts will help you decide what is best to achieve your goals and put a plan together for you.

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