pain management

Pain Management

Pain management is implemented to control pain originating from tissue injury, infection, and short- and long-term medical conditions.

Through our past experiences of injury, we all learn the meaning of ‘pain’. Our pain experiences are influenced by our awareness, mood, and beliefs. Pain is a physical (sensory) and emotional experience because the sensation felt is unpleasant, and is associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Because pain is based on an individual’s pain perception, it will therefore be different from everyone else’s pain.

Pain is a frequent symptom of many medical conditions. It can range from mild discomfort to unbearable, and be either localised to one area of the body or widespread throughout the body. Pain can be divided into acute pain and chronic pain:

-Acute pain occurs over the short term and is generally considered to last for less than 3 months. It may be caused by trauma, surgery, a medical disease, or childbirth.

– Chronic pain continues over a long period of time, lasting 6 months and beyond, and may be caused by long-term medical conditions.

Pain, particularly that which is chronic, significantly affects an individual’s quality of life, impacting on their overall functioning, social and family life, and on their work capability. The online clinic can provide excellent and professional advice and techniques to ease your pain via zoom calls.