ear candling

Ear Candling

Ear candling (also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a gentle, natural therapy which helps to calm the mind and soothes the head and ears.

The treatment entails hollow ‘candles’ that are traditionally made from linen dipped in beeswax, infused with herbs and sometimes essential oils being placed one side at a time whilst lying down in the entrance of the ear canal and then it is lit. Once the candling procedure is finished, a face massage follows working on pressure points over the sinus areas and head helping to relieve the feeling of mental stress and resting a busy mind.

During the treatment

You lie on your side, with a pillow supporting your head and a blanket to keep you warm if you wish. Next, the non-burning end of the ear candle is gently placed in the opening of the ear canal. When in place and secured by my hand, the candle is lit. I hold it in place throughout its burning time.

You’ll hear crackling sounds, just like an open fire as the candling effect massages the ear canal.

Both ears are treated in the session. It may feel like your ears are being gently massaged on the inside due to the air rising up from the candle. Candling works just like the chimney effect in that a very gentle suction is created.

As a little gift…

This treatment includes a head and face massage after the candling to help relieve the sinuses stimulating pressure points on the face, scalp, around the ears and working on problem areas. You will also receive a roller-ball of an essential oil blend to help with a ‘clearing’ effect for the sinuses and head to take home and use.

Be reassured…

Ear candling is an entirely safe, non–invasive and an incredibly soothing treatment.