Chakra Balancing Session

Chakras are energy centres in the body and we mostly refer to the seven main ones. These are found along the spine starting at the base and ending at the crown chakra at the top of the head. They are directly linked to our mental, physical and spiritual attributes and when they become blocked or too ‘open’ can lead to emotional blocks and/or manifest as dis-ease in the body.

With the help of energy work such as healing or using essential oils we can help to clear blocked chakras and calm overstimulated ones. A chakra balancing session will help to harmonise the chakra system where sometimes it is helpful to talk and share thoughts of experiences that could be affecting a particularly dominant or quiet chakra.

When a chakra becomes ‘blocked’ by being what we refer to as underactive or overactive (too open) our being as a whole doesn’t balance, this can potentially lead to illness and/or emotional blocks. This can be caused by our environment, people we are connected to, our emotions, trauma and other things that impact on our lives.

We can end up feeling stuck, lost or disconnected and there are the opposite extremes too such as intense, needy or obsessed. These are all examples of how an imbalance in a chakra can manifest. By understanding what each chakra represents and what you can do to keep this energy flowing freely, you can achieve an optimal quality of harmony for yourself.

During the treatment

There are many ways we can balance our chakra’s such as Reiki healing, sound healing, meditation, chanting and many more. The treatment I’m offering utilises energy healing techniques along with the magic of nature’s gifts, essential oils. These are applied to the chakras along the spine up to the crown to bring balance and harmony.

A foot treatment will complete the session to help ground you whilst working on the chakra reflex points reflected in the feet. Sometimes it might be appropriate to give the treatment in a more energy-healing style by working more off the body in your energy field. The best way forward for a session will be discussed at the time.

As a little gift

You will be given a sample size of your personal chakra blend that’s been created for your balancing session which you can continue to use at home.

How this treatment has helped others

“I had three sessions of chakra balancing with Vikki. Vikki is a very caring and intuitive therapist. She took her time with all the sessions, being generous with her time, so as a result the sessions were very calming.”

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Online Treatment

Sit back and relax as you’re taken through a journey of your chakras. Through distance healing and meditation your chakras and sense of wellbeing will be re-energised, balanced and you’ll feel grounded and whole once again. Any chakras out of balance will be shown to you through your own awareness during this chakra healing session. This treatment will be given in real time via a Zoom call.