Simply put traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture works by accessing the Qi energy in the body and correcting the flow of qi by using needles to stimulate points. By correcting the flow of qi around the body, the body, mind and spirit is treated as a whole.

Although the qi in the body can not be seen and is thought of more as an energy there has been research done to show that acupuncture points effect parts of the brain. This is great research for treating mental health issues and also pain.

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Online Treatment

Acupressure – acupuncture without needles – how does it work?

You don’t need to miss out on the many benefits of acupuncture treatment just because you can’t come for treatment.

Perfect for conditions like stress and anxiety, menopausal symptoms or even to boost immunity, acupressure uses Chinese medicine theory but can be safely applied yourself without the use of needles.

Consultations will take place online and will include discussion of your particular concerns, after which your therapist will talk you through an acupressure treatment plan tailor-made for you. You will be instructed in how to accurately locate the points on your body and how to correctly apply acupressure.