william Lane

William Lane

Yoga Teacher & Sports Massage Therapist

As a fully qualified yoga teacher and sports massage therapist and with nineteen years of experience in bodywork, I use a holistic and fusion approach, with empathy to the needs of the individual. I am an avid road cyclist and practitioner of yoga and meditation.

The impact of work, sport and modern busy lives place a strain on the soft tissues and joints.

Massage and yoga help towards:

Treating common ailments such as headaches, stress, back pain and improves scar tissue

Improved posture and function

Pain reduction

Increased mobility and flexibility

Reduction of muscular tension

Increased energy levels

Encourages relaxation and better sleep

Increased circulation and movement of lymphatic fluid/ lactic acid to carry away toxins

Maintenance of optimal function in hard training athletes

Clinic based and private appointments available

Contact Will Lane: 07989 500278