linda hibburt

Linda Hibburt

Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with you to help you achieve optimum health and offer a number of complementary holistic treatments that are individually tailored to your needs. You’ll also learn some simple techniques that will enable you to take control of your own wellbeing, which is incredibly empowering.

Like many therapists, it was my quest to discover what on earth was wrong with me that led me down the beautiful and sometimes challenging path to where I am today. At the age of 3 I was involved in a serious car accident and although the physical scars healed well, I felt the emotional impact well into adulthood although I did not relate the two for many years. To cut a very long story short my stress response hit its highest point at 3 years old, which led to an inappropriate reaction to every single stress no matter how minor for the rest of my life, flooding my body with stress hormones. As you can imagine, this had a major impact on my physical and mental/emotional health.

Getting to the root cause of a health concern is like peeling back the layers of an onion and it was homeopathy that began that process for me. So impressed was I with the results that in 2006 I joined the South Downs School of Homeopathy and have been in practice since graduating in 2010.

Having experienced additional hugely beneficial therapies over the years, I have included them in my skillset and now offer Reiki and mindfulness meditation. If appropriate to your needs all three modalities may be used during your session together with a psycho-sensory technique called Havening, which permanently heals traumas and phobias as well as being a brilliant coaching tool. Havening held the final key to my recovery and I will shortly be offering it as a stand-alone treatment – I am very excited to share its incredible benefits with you! Client testimonials are available if you would like to learn how others have been helped.

These amazing therapies have changed my life and I am now the person I was always meant to be before trauma struck – happy in my skin, relishing every day whatever it brings and living in the moment. If you want to change your life and health for the better too, I would love to support you on your own quest.