Andrew Noble - Osteopath



I am a registered osteopath with a specialism in laryngeal manipulation using a holistic and structurally guided approach to treating in the most comfortable and effective way possible. Treatment with me does not end with manual work, I create an individually tailored treatment plan for each patient to suit their unique lifestyle and stresses, providing simple routines and exercises as well as education on each patients injury and pain to remove the fear that persists in so many injuries.

Like many therapists, my experience with osteopathy began by receiving treatment myself. As a singer and actor in a past life, I was suffering with a fair few issues that were impacting my quality of life and performance and the positive outcomes of that experience started my near decade year long journey into osteopathy.

Graduating from Swansea University with a Master’s Degree in Osteopathy and gaining additional training in laryngeal manipulation, I have since practiced across the greater Thames Valley area, treating many people from all walks of life and enjoying seeing the improvements they make.