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Having always had an interest in how affective Alternative Natural medicine can be, Ali trained at the well known Centre for Homeopathic Education in London, over 4 years, qualifying in 2013.
This followed naturally on from her previous career as a Nursery Nurse, working with children and families, mainly in Social Services and the NHS, where she saw many situations when standard “allopathic” medication didn’t often bring about the desired improvement for patients and/or side effects of the treatment became an unsatisfactory extra burden. Incorporating Homeopathy into her own health picture also quickly proved to Ali the absolute wonder of choosing it as a method of supporting good health!

Homeopathy can deal with such a vast array of health conditions, both mental and physical, with the real beauty of it having no side effects, being non-addictive and being able to work alongside current medication from your GP where necessary. Ali works with patients of all ages and has particular affinity with children and women’s health.
A typical Homeopathic appointment is quite different to a GP medical appointment. It allows time and opportunity to establish a detailed and clear picture of all aspects of a patient’s symptoms, bringing them together in order for a specific individual prescription to be made up.
Homeopathy is a very old and well established system of medicine, devised by Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago and now being used throughout the world.

The Royal family have used it over generations……and we can only compliment their great health today!
It is also good to know that Homeopathy was very successful in treating patients during the Spanish flu pandemic (1918) so we know how it can help with today’s current concerns.
If you would like to understand more, please do get in touch by booking a free 15 minute consultation to see how Homeopathy may be able to help you!