ali chambers

Ali Chambers

Massage Therapist

A little bit about me

After spending six years as a content marketer with all the pressures of climbing the corporate ladder, constantly pushing for more success and the general stress that we’ve all experienced doing the 9-5 life, I decided to retrain as a massage therapist.

Fun fact: the first time I got a massage was on my 13th birthday. My mum’s friend took me for birthday pancakes overlooking the ocean in New Plymouth, NZ and then we went to visit a reflexologist.

She taught me a lot about my body, where I hold my tension, how leaning on one hip more than the other can change the structure of your skeleton, and how to hold the correct posture.

It would be 9 years before I fell in love with massage again, and realise it’s actually a career I wanted to pursue.

I graduated in August 2018 in Swedish massage, pregnancy massage in March 2019, I sat my exams as an aromatherapist in April 2019 and will sit my reflexology exams in 2020.

Making sure that I listen to my body, how it reacts both physically and physiologically has – genuinely – changed the way I live life. I’m happier, healthier and now enjoy all the little things that life throws my way….even the challenges.

I’m hoping I can help share some of that balance in your life.

Details and prices about services

Back, neck and shoulder – 60 min – £55
Swedish – 60 min – £55
Swedish – 90 min – £70
Pregnancy massage – 60 min – £60
Aromatherapy – 60 min – £65
Aromatherapy – 90 min – £80