My introduction to osteopathy was by recommendation when I hurt back at work, and I was amazed how quickly I could get an appointment, and how quickly I was pain free.

My positive experiences sparked an interest in osteopathy, at a time where I felt I needed a change of career, so I embarked on a 5 year degree course and became an osteopath.

Besides that I enjoy the job satisfaction that osteopathy gives, and I feel privileged to be a part of this profession. I have treated people with long standing chronic pain, who have seen lasting improvements in their pain levels and their ability to carry out daily tasks. Additionally I have treated people with very acute, 10/10 pain which poses its own challenges.

I provide treatment for people of all ages and backgrounds, and I can treat a wide range of conditions and injuries. My focus is to get you back to normal daily activities, without pain as soon as possible.

Above all I take the time to listen to you, understand all your personal circumstances, and deliver an individual treatment plan that is right for you.

Using the ethos that structure governs function, my management plan will be to restore mobility to the joints that are causing your problems. Finally where suitable I will supply you with self-help exercises to aid and enhance your recovery.

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