Helping You Stay Happy & Healthy During Lockdown

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting few weeks! Our country has gone from business as usual to an almost completely lockdown as we battle an unseen but deadly enemy. Unsurprisingly tensions are running high, routines have gone out the window and every aspect of daily life looks very different. People who usually work in an office every day are now trying to figure out how to work from home, with parents suddenly finding themselves with the extra job of ‘teacher’ on top of everything else. And without the ability to leave the house to do all the activities you might normally do with the kids, or even to go and work in a café to escape the noise, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. Which means you need extra support now more than ever.

In light of our current climate, we have decided to adapt and change the way our services work, to create a new “normal” that lets us continue supporting our clients the best way we can. Our new ‘virtual clinic’ is designed to give you everything you need to keep yourself and your family happy, healthy and active during this difficult time. We’ve released a huge library of online webinars and live classes, all aimed at helping you manage different aspects of this new normal and hopefully achieving a good balance between working, exercise and childcare. Plus, they are all super low cost, which means you can get access to all the resources you need, without breaking the bank.

Creating A New Routine

If there was one class we would recommend you take – just one – it would be this one. Because while everyone in the family is staying safe at home, your previous routines will have all gone out the window. So while you might have managed to find a balance between working, exercising and looking after the kids before, that routine probably won’t work now. So you need to adapt, change your routine and find a new normal.

Structure is a wonderful thing. As human beings we love having some structure to our days, weeks and months. So when it all turns on it’s head, we can end up feeling a bit lost and out of control. A great way to control those feelings and manage the mental health of everyone in your household is to create a new routine in your life again. This can help you feel calmer, more focussed and grounded during a difficult time. To help you do this, we’ve created a webinar designed to teach you how to create a routine that work for you and your family – adults and young ones alike – in a positive way. This webinar will run every Thursday afternoon, costs just £2.21, and you can book on here.


Exercise is always important. Keeping yourself fit and healthy has a huge number of benefits to everyday life, but it has even more now. Exercising and keeping yourself fit has a huge impact on your immune system, and how well it can fight off bugs and viruses. In fact, research has shown that ‘fit individuals’ (defined as those who partake in regular physical activity) have a lower incidence of infection with Covid-19 compared to sedentary individuals. Basically, you are less likely to catch Covid-19 if you are fit and exercise regularly. Not only that, but exercise can do wonders for your mental health (which is equally important at the moment), reducing stress hormones and increasing endorphins, helping keep your mood in balance as well as your body.

If you’re used to going to the gym, or just don’t know how to work out from home, then we are here to help. Our selection of online fitness and wellbeing classes are designed for all ages and abilities, and can help you get some exercise with nothing but yourself and an open space in your living room. Just a few of the exercise classes we’re offering include:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • HIIT
  • Pain management and adjusting your desk at home (not strictly exercise, but very important)


A big part of staying healthy is what we eat. Being in your home all the time is likely to increase your desire to snack a lot, especially if you’re bored or stressed – which are key triggers for overeating. But this can lead to weight gain, feeling sluggish and general ill health. Instead, you need to focus on preparing healthy, nutritious meals for yourself and your family. Our experts are here to help you not only design simple, healthy meals that will taste delicious and keep your immune systems as healthy as possible. We also have classes around the mindset for eating, aimed at uncovering the triggers and habits around snacking and giving you the tools to deal with them, and sessions with a nutritionist to help you manage your diet during this challenging time. We also run a fantastic cooking with kids, so you can involve the whole family!

Keeping The Kids Entertained

If you’re a parent who has suddenly found themselves in the role of teacher, you might be struggling to find a balance. Working out how to juggle education, play and your own work is a challenge – one all of us are currently dealing with as well! So we’ve also put together a range of classes and webinars for children, helping them to learn new things, build healthy habits and adjust to their new life at home. Our range of online classes for children is varied, designed to provide a balance of education, fun and mindfulness. Class options include:

  • Learn channel stroking to help children calm and sleep
  • Creating healthy meal plans
  • Aromatherapy to aid sleep
  • Cooking with children
  • Storytime with Rachel
  • Creating routines that work (very important at the moment!)
  • Crafts for children
  • Children’s meditation and mindfulness

Overall, we’ve tried our best to bring you a variety of online resources and support that will help you to adjust and manage your new ‘normal’ life. Covid-19 is a scary thing for all of us, but that doesn’t mean we need to let the fear rule us, or that we can’t use this time to improve ourselves and our relationships with the people we love. At The Surrey and Hampshire Wellbeing Clinic we want to support you in staying happy and healthy, which is why our classes range from free to £3.21 per session (our priciest option!). If you would like to know more, you can view our classes and webinars here, or give us a call to discuss your individual needs.