Holistic classes and webinars

Children’s Mindfulness 6-10yrs

Centred and engaging Mindfulness session for 6-10yr olds This is an engaging mindfulness session aimed at children and taught by Jane Tyson who is passionate […]

Breath and mediation 30mins

Breath and mediation 30mins. 30min Breath and mediation practice. Combining ancient disciplines with modern techniques to help strengthen the lungs, detoxify the body and balance […]

Children’s Yoga 4-6yrs

This is a fun and engaging Yoga class aimed at children who are between 4-6yrs old This is an engaging and fun Yoga class aimed […]

Stress and Anxiety Management for Teenagers

Stress and anxiety management for teenagers. Techniques to help you manage your emotional health from a young age. At times of great change and uncertainty, […]

Pilates (posture re set)

Pilates (posture re set) . This Pilates practice will focus on the body as a whole to help free up restricted areas and strengthen the […]

Mindfulness Movements Meditation

Start the day with a gentle mindfulness movements meditation. Start the day with a gentle mindfulness movements meditation. The aim of this session is to […]

Lunch Time Mind Management

Lunch Time Mind Management. Take time out from your busy day for this guided hypnosis session with Clinical Hypnotherapist, Andrew Major. Take time out from […]