This document is aimed to give guidelines to adhere to when practising and visiting at the clinic. These are being put in place to ensure the safety of the therapists and patients using the clinic. They are specifically put together to frame cleanliness and safety in the clinic when returning to work after lockdown. You are encouraged to use these guidelines in clinic alongside the advice given by your governing board for safe practise. These procedures are not to replace the ones your governing body has given you, they are to use alongside these.

Safety Procedures

  • Please can patients arrive ONLY at the exact designated time, if they are early they should wait in their car outside until it is the time for their appointment and then they can come in, therapists should be ready to great them.
  • Please check if your patient is feeling well and ask them to confirm they don’t have symptoms of Covoid at reception, before proceeding to the therapy room.
  • Can patients put on a disposable mask on at arrival (there is a box of disposable masks on the reception desk as you come in, or you can provide your own). The masks must be worn whenever you are in a communal space in the clinic. If both the therapist and patient feel ok to do so you can both remove masks in the clinic room with the door closed for therapy. No one should ever feel pressured to remove their mask if they do not feel comfortable doing so.
  • There will be a bin by the main door to dispose of the masks on exit.
  • Therapists should provide their own masks. A more permanent one which can be washed and reused is recommended.
  • When arriving at the clinic you should use the hand sanitizing gel provided at reception.
  • Patients should bring their own water, tea, coffee or preferred drink. There will be disposable water bottles available should they be needed but it is encouraged you bring your own whenever possible.
  • There will be gloves available at reception and in the physical therapy room should they be needed. All physical therapists should wear them when doing hands on treatment. Other therapists and patients can use the hand gel provided but should they feel they need to they can also access the gloves provided.
  • There will be disposable treatment gowns for physical therapists to wear during hands on treatments. 1 gown should be used for the treatment of each patient. And disposed of in the bins provided after treatment.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and hand gel will be available in every room. If your room runs out there will be spares available in the cupboard at reception, please feel free to access them and replenish the room you are using. (therapists only).
  • There will be a (natural) anti bac spray in the toilet, everyone is encouraged to clean the seat before and after with the spay then use toilet roll to wipe and flush.
  • There will be paper towel dispersers in the toilets to dry your hands instead of towels.
  • Can everyone bring their own cutlery, cups and plates. You can wash them here so they are clean to take home and if you get stuck there are some here to use that must be washed after, but it is best that you remember to bring your own. There will still be herbal teas available should you want them and bring your own cup. (therapist only).
  • There will be 2 oil diffusers with a natural antiviral oil being diffused in the main clinic area. Please leave doors open between patients to let the room be refreshed.
  • The therapists must leave 15mins before and after patients to clean the rooms, your hands, refresh and follow procedures set by your governing body – 30mins for physical (hands on) appointments.